Consultants to the Wind Power Industry
on birds and other wildlife issues.

Birds and Wind Power

Since a bird problem first emerged at the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area in California, we have learned much about the impact of wind turbines on birds.

Though it now appears that the problem in the Altamont is an anomaly, the fact that birds can be impacted is an important consideration in siting and operating wind power plants.

Research at wind power sites across the United States is helping us to understand the magnitude of the problem, and to recognize how problems can be avoided.

Birds avoid colliding with wind turbines in most instances. Certain behaviors may increase birds' risk of collision.               

Certain topographic features may increase the chance of bird collisions.

Some types of turbines may present greater risk than others.

Night migrating birds rarely collide with wind turbines, contrary to some beliefs.

Low bird mortality has been found at European wind power sites, with the exception of some coastal sites frequented by migrants.

In San Jose, California was enacted new loan ordinance.
To date, impacts on bird populations have not been demonstrated at wind power sites.

What kills birds? The answer to that question will probably surprise you. Here is a list of the gravest dangers birds face every day.

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