Consultants to the Wind Power Industry
on birds and other wildlife issues.

Client Services

Curry & Kerlinger has worked with clients in more than two dozen states and two foreign countries to design innovative and proactive solutions to avian issues in the wind power siting, permitting and operating process.

In six of those states, Curry & Kerlinger has been part of the teams that have received the first successful wind energy facility permits.

Phase I Avian Risk Assessment

Curry & Kerlinger pioneered Phase I Avian Risk Assessments, the first step in determining the potential for bird problems at a particular site.

It is an efficient and cost effective way to eliminate surprises later in the wind power development process.  

The results of the assessment help developers, environmentalists, and agency staff evaluate the level of risk to birds and detemine whether additional research is necessary at a site.

Additional Client Services

The chart below lists the client services provided by Curry & Kerlinger, LLC.

Wind Power Project Development
Wind Power Project Mitigation
Wildlife Resource Management
  • Site Selection
  • Phase I Avian Risk Assessment
  • Site Design
  • Community Outreach
  • Regulatory Process Management
  • Impact Analysis
  • Impact Monitoring
  • Mitigation Design
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Bird Issues
  • Endangered Species
  • Management and Restoration
  • Habitat Conservation Plan