Consultants to the Wind Power Industry
on birds and other wildlife issues.

The Curry Kerlinger Team

Through their pioneering work at wind power sites across the country, Dick Curry and Paul Kerlinger have helped set the standard for tackling the difficult avian issues facing wind power today.

  • Their risk assessment techniques are now the industry standard.
  • They were the first to assemble and synthesize bird fatality statistics nationwide.
  • They've worked on wind power projects in more than two dozen states and two foreign countries.

Environmental Roots

Curry and Kerlinger each has environmental roots that go back more than 25 years.

Dick Curry headed up the Redwood National Park Task Force for the National Park Service and Paul Kerlinger was the director of New Jersey Audubon's Cape May Bird Observatory.

Curry & Kerlinger's clients include wind power companies as well as environmental groups and government agencies.

Among the latter: the New York City Audubon Society, the Trust for Public Land, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, the NJ Divison of Fish, Game and Wildlife, the Department of Energy, small land trusts, watershed associations, and nature centers.

Dick Curry

A veteran of both the energy industry and the U. S. Department of Interior, Dick Curry is an expert on wind power site development and regulatory policy issues.

He was one of the first in the wind industry to focus on the issue of birds and turbines. Curry established and managed the first avian – wind power task force, assembling some of the country's top avian experts.

During his tenure in the Department of Interior, Curry was appointed Special Assistant to the Secretary, and served as Director of Legislation for the National Park Service, and Director of the Redwood National Park Task Force. His efforts helped to protect thousands of acres of sensitive and critical habitat.

He received the Department of Interior's Distinguished Service Award for his Redwood National Park work. That award was presented by National Park Service director William J. Whalen.

Curry holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and was a professor at the College of William and Mary. He currently serves on the National Wind Coordinating Committee and is a member of the Siting Subcommittee.

Paul Kerlinger

A nationally known avian expert, Paul Kerlinger has done groundbreaking research on bird migration and behavior as well as the bird-tower issue.

He first used radar to track bird migration more than 25 years ago and he was one of the first to study environmental economics.

He served as Director of NJ Audubon's Cape May Bird Observatory for seven years and has worked with both environmental and industry groups across the country on the issues of bird and habitat protection.

Kerlinger, a fomer professor with a Ph.D. in Biology, has taught statistics at the college level and is the author of dozens of published scientific papers as well as five books, including How Birds Migrate and Flight Strategies of Migrating Hawks.

In 1995, Kerlinger received a letter of commendation from Mollie Beattie, Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, for his pioneering environmental economics studies at National Wildlife Refuges.

Kerlinger currently serves on the National Wind Coordinating Committee’s Avian Subcommittee and is a member of the US Fish and Wildlife Service's Communication Tower Working Group.

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